Character Spotlight: Lanokas the Lighthearted

As the June 15 launch of The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope approaches, I thought I’d spotlight a character each week.

It didn’t take me long to decide to start with Lanokas (LAN-oh-kass), the Crimson League’s swordsman.

I realized relatively recently that, apart from one couple who steals the show in book two of my trilogy, EVERY one of my favorite scenes or discussions in the entire trilogy (and the prequel draft) involves Lanokas.


I love Lanokas partly because he is, in so many ways, the opposite of me.

I am a cautious, sensitive melancholic, very aware of what could go wrong in every situation and generally wanting to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Lanokas is a sanguine by temperament, I’d say–he’s easygoing, upbeat, naturally optimistic, and able to find something good or positive in almost any situation.

He has a great sense of humor. He can sometimes underestimate his chances of success (he can be a bit TOO hopeful). He can be impulsive and come to regret his impulsive choices. He is naturally cheerful, for the most part.

I really enjoy his lightheartedness and positivity. Lanokas taught me a lot. He challenges me. There have actually been times where I’ve faced a tough situation and I’ve told myself, “OK, I need to approach this how Lanokas does when xxx happens.”


One of the very first things you learn about Lanokas is that he is a nobleman fighting in the resistance movement against a sorcerer who took over, so you realize from the get-go that his entire life has been turned upside-down.

I like to think that’s brought some needed maturation and gravitas to him.

He’s not perfect–no one is–but one thing I really love about Lanokas is that he does truly honor and respect the women in his life. He’s always serious about putting the needs of women before his own.

That strain of chivalry in him is, I think, the seed from which his maturation grows. It’s one thing to be naturally optimistic and cheerful, as beautiful as that is. It’s another to actively sacrifice for and serve the good of others. That’s not temperament, it’s character. It’s virtue.

Are you something like Lanokas–naturally a cheerful giver? Are there characters you’ve read about who inspire YOU to develop virtue, or to look at things from a different perspective? Comment below!

This post from a while back about the value of quiet, steady loyalty is another character spotlight that may interest you..

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