Character Spotlight: Sedder the Chivalrous

Each Tuesday before the June 15 release of “The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope” I will spotlight a character from the novel here on the blog.

Last week was Lanokas, a nobleman in the League, whom I mentioned was one of two men in the story who is especially chivalrous.

Sedder Foden is the other.

Sedder is young (around twenty), with tawny hair and a mean sword stroke. Unlike Lanokas, he’s a commoner and works as a baker. He grew up with protagonist Kora, and though he has reasons of his own to grudge sorcerer-dictator Zalski Forzythe and fight against him, his main motivation is supporting and protecting Kora.

He’s not perfect. He can be moody when he feels tense or insecure, and he’s not quite sure how to process everything that he experiences.

Sedder is very aware of all the tragedy that could befall him and his friends in the resistance movement, and he’s never quite able to put that aside and live fully in the moment, I don’t think.

But he’s honorable and selfless. I think my favorite thing about him is how he is a major influence, and a good one, on Kora’s little brother Zacry, who looks up to him.

Along with Zac’s father, Sedder shows Zac what it means to be a man. I love how Zac’s story shows that as it unfolds.

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2 responses to “Character Spotlight: Sedder the Chivalrous”

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