Sea of Galilee 2019


Not a soul in Herezoth is safe while evil sorcerer, Zalski Forzythe, reigns supreme.

There was a time when the magicked and commoners lived in peace. The Hall of Sorcery hidden high in the mountains was a place of reverence . . .

Until the vicious sorcerer Hansrelto came to call. His attempted overthrow may have failed, but a terrorizing rampage through the nearby villages did enough damage to mar the reputation of the peaceful magicked ones for generations to come.

Nearly a millennium passed . . .

Inspired by Hansrelto’s efforts, wicked sorcerer Zalski Forzythe successfully executes a coup and slaughters the royal family, taking over the nation of Herezoth.

The people are burdened with two-thirds taxes, violent terror, and forced allegiance. The crushing boot on the neck seems relentless.

But there is hope . . .

A team of rebels known as the Crimson League leads the charge toward freedom.

And legend has it, the Marked One will rise up to end the dystopian nightmare.

Through sword and sorcery, the forces of good and evil match off in The Herezoth Trilogy’s first installment, The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope!

"One step at at time,
One choice to be made,
That choice to be honest and just.
When you feel overwhelmed, or feel slighted and small,
That's the time this is really a must."
-Ilana Porteg from The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope

About Victoria

Victoria Grefer loves fiction, fantasy, language and linguistics, music, traveling, cats, and Cajun food. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she has a graduate degree in Spanish literature and has studied theology at the graduate school level. She currently works with medical prior authorizations to support her writing habit. Her favorite of the places she has visited are the Holy Land and Avila, while Madrid is her happy place.