Thoughts on things coming full circle (my second edition and 9th anniversary of my conversion)

As I write this, it is Ascension Thursday on the liturgical calendar. That means tomorrow is the 9th liturgical calendar anniversary of my conversion experience–day one of the Pentecost Novena for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

May 30, 2014 upended my entire life. It made me see that I’d been putting my writing–my fantasy trilogy, the first installment of which I am releasing as a second edition on June 15–before God without even realizing it. It made me realize for the first time, in my heart, that Jesus’s love for me is PERSONAL.

My priorities shifted. I developed more of a prayer life. I wasn’t entirely pleased with the first edition of the trilogy, which I realized I’d put out too soon as an over eager, uninformed graduate student. I stopped marketing my first editions completely (though I’d never had much success in what marketing I’d done beyond free promotions on Amazon).

Eventually, I started discerning religious life. I took my trilogy down completely from Amazon before I entered a Dominican monastery. I stayed there nine months before accepting it wasn’t for me long-term, regardless of how much I loved so much of that beautiful life.

After leaving JUST before Covid hit in 2020, I took up my trilogy again during lockdown. I began further revisions. (Before release, I’ll discuss some of the changes between the editions without spoilers, but I will say here, I cut out a character completely and rearranged some things.)

I got an editor. I got professional formatting done and got help with an amazing blurb.

Most importantly, I realize now that I had matured enough in my faith to take up writing again without making an idol of it in the way I had before.

Those precious early morning hours–the first fruits of the day that I used to give to my fiction–I now devote to prayer.

I explicitly pray for God to ground my priorities in His will.

I am at peace with the thought that I almost certainly won’t be an overnight sensation. I am going to have to work hard to find readers and to earn back the cost of production of The Crimson League: The Fight for Hope in order to put out book two of the trilogy.

I am at peace offering my novel–the quality of which I am finally confident in, after a decade–to God, trusting Him to know how to use it.

I am at peace offering readers what I believe to be a wonderful adventure story with memorable characters, deep themes, and an exploration of what it means to be human and how to BE (human) well.

It’s all come full circle. God grows us gradually, works in us gradually, but He has finally integrated my fiction, my creativity, my wordsmithing, the way I most beautifully, lovingly, and joyfully image Him as my Creator, back into my life after my conversion nine years ago changed everything that I thought I knew about my relationship with Him and what He wants for me.

God be praised!

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