Creative writing teaches patience

Patience is definitely one of the virtues I need to work on, though I certainly hope I have developed some other virtues to a greater degree. (Courage, too. I need to work on courage. I am a melancholic).

As I return to creative writing, though, I’ve realized just how much my fiction is doing to teach me patience. The whole process has so many frustrations:

  • Plot holes to fix.
  • Characters who won’t work with you.
  • That moment when you realize that scene you thought was SOOO epic is actually DREADFUL and needs a lot of work.
  • Waiting on beta readers, the editor, the proof reader.
  • If you’re going the traditional route, the querying. The frustrations of all that goes INTO querying.
  • Lagging sales and marketing efforts.

One thing I find now is that I am an unusual position of having published my trilogy a decade ago. I took it down in 2018/2019 as I never really marketed it much beyond Amazon free promos, had few readers, and I was entering religious life.

Now, after leaving religious life, I’m revamping the whole thing for releases of a second edition, one book at a time. It’s so slow-going.


It would feel really great to have my Herezoth trilogy out again and be releasing news of the release of a prequel. But I can tell I am doing this the right way, and it will be worth it. I’m happy about that.

Forget about developing my characters. This is developing my own character. Yea for that!

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