When friends return (in life and in fiction)

I found out recently that one of my best work friends, who left earlier this year, will be returning. She texted me to let me know, and I was just SO excited. I can’t wait to have her back. I always felt comfortable sharing my concerns, triumphs, and frustrations with her because we were similar enough in temperament that I knew she would get me.

That got me thinking about one of my favorite characters in fantasy literature, Remus Lupin of the Harry Potter series. I got “Order of the Phoenix” the day it came out, and nothing was going to pry that book out of my hands. I remember sitting on my bed in my old high school bedroom reading, when I got to the point where Lupin made a reappearance after being gone for all of “Goblet of Fire.”

I literally squealed, “YES!!! LUPIN’S BACK!”, threw the book, and had to take some moments to calm down, I was so stoked.

I always felt like I got Lupin. The way he never gave himself credit and was super hard on himself, as well as his stark independent streak, I related to. I saw myself in him in a way I had in few fictional characters.

I get that same feeling of excitement at the return of an old friend going from book to book in my trilogy, which I’m preparing for re-release after taking it down from Amazon years ago. (Book one, “The Crimson League,” comes back from the editor any day now.)

My Herezoth trilogy takes place over some 25 years (with fifteen years passing between books one and two, and another ten between books two and three). With all that time, each book feels like old friends are returning after an absence. I have loved SOOO much watching my characters grow, learn, and change. I have loved watching the fruits of their choices, mostly good but also some mistakes, come to ripen down the years.

And I’m hoping that eventually, when the trilogy is out again, readers will feel the same way. My dream is to have some reader, somewhere, connect with one of my characters the way I connected with Lupin.

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