Update on “The Crimson League”

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I thought I would give you some updates on where things are regarding release and what I’ve been doing.

  • “The Crimson League” (book one of the Herezoth trilogy” is back with the editor for her second and final go through, after I made revisions based on her first edit.
  • In the meantime, I’ve been revising “The Magic Council” (book two, and probably my favorite of the three). Changed a character’s name. Editing for style based on my editor’s suggestions on book one. I’m reducing the number of chapters, for the most part by combining them, as they were super short.
  • I do have a company I’m tentatively hoping to use for proof-reading, formatting, cover design, map design, etc., after I go through my editor’s latest and last set of notes. I’ve heard the company recommended by someone I definitely trust, BUT I’m not sure what their price range will be for each of the components of things I’ll need, so I may end up using other people or this or that thing. What’s nice about this company is they work with you and charge “per piece” of the self-publishing that you want to use them for.
  • I’ve tentatively decided on what I want the cover to be, an image of the exterior of the ancient Hall of Sorcery in the Pearl Mountains. I’m not overly thrilled with the prospect, but I can’t think of anything better. Hoping to think of a way to indicate “Sword and sorcery” via the cover, which may mean putting a group of three characters out front, including a character named Lanokas with his sword.

It’s kind of “the calm before the storm.” I’m hoping to get my manuscript back from the editor by November. That would give me two months to get things in shape to reach out to that company and, some way or other, start getting everything else in line for publication.

I’m shooting for a release date of May 30, 2023, so that timeframe would give me 5 months for the logistics of publishing, as well as marketing, once I’m finished with the manuscript.

I’m not at all sure where or how to market. Step one, I guess, is to figure out what I’m able and willing to devote to marketing in terms of a budget and go from there.

If I’ve shared most of this already, forgive me. I’ trying to get back to the blog, as well to get some outline of a game plan in shape. Looks like I’ve succeeded in that.

So please wish me luck, feel free to keep informed here, and spread the word as things get closer. I’m SO excited to get my second editions out.

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